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"Momini stones" – village of Starosel

Megalith rock "Momini stones" is also known as the Solar door between centuries and is located near the village of Starosel. According to the Thracians symbolized path of the soul to the afterlife through the crack between the stones where trickle rays of the setting sun. Nearby by can be seen many tombs of 5-6 century BC. Another legend states that this is petrified girl with looks to the heavens, who was banished by his family after serving his favorite before marry.

Thracian temple in Starosel

Thracian cult temple in "Chetinyova hill" discovered and excavated by Georgi Kitov in 2000, is the largest ever found Thracian royal mausoleum complex. The church impresses with its imposing fence (krepis) of stone blocks, parade staircase with a corridor and religious site. The entrance is lined with plates with plastic and colorful decorations. The inner room is huge (diam. 4.80 m) circular dome camera with semi-pillars and colored ornaments. On the north side of the temple is dug rock bath for production and storage of wine. It has an oval base and a thick coat. During the excavations were found inside containers for drinking wine and tsedilki.Thracian cult temple in Starosel is open to visitors every day from 9:00 to 17:00. Come see a unique historic temple of the Thracian Kings!

Roman family tomb

The biggest and most interesting of all tombs found so far in the area of ​​Hisar. The tomb is located approximately 300 meters southwest of the fortress wall in the natural park "Slaveev Dol" near the mineral spring "Lily of the Valley." Impresses with its beautiful mosaic floor, resembling a colorful carpet. Late Roman family tomb is located near the town of Hissar. The tomb was built in the second half of the IV century. The municipality Hisar were found a total of 3 tombs, but this is the most beautiful and interesting architecture. Burial chamber is a rectangular room. In the walls are built with six niches ritual significance. It is believed that the tomb was designed for a family of noble slave owner.





Mineral water well "Lily"

Spa Lily of the Valley is located in the town. Hisar, Plovdiv region. Water is slightly mineralized, such as is used for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases. The water temperature is 42 degrees.





Arch of Freedom

Arch Monument of Liberty is located on Mount Goraltepe, Stara Planina. The monument is made of concrete and is 35 meters high. In 1944, the "Arch of Freedom" is dedicated to those who died in the Russo-Turk War Russian soldiers. Arch depicts Bulgarian rebels and guerrillas and Russian soldiers welcomed with bread and salt by women in Bulgarian folk costumes.





The Mill of grandfather Stoyan

Grandfather Stoyan's mill was described by Ivan Vazov in his novel "Under the Yoke". It is located in the northwestern part of Sopot, in Stara Planina. Located near the road leading to the chairlift, about 150 meters from the monastery of Sveti Spas. The novel tells how in this particular mill Boycho Ognianov killed two Turks, because they tried to tarnish the honor of the youngest daughter of a miller. To date, grandfather Stoyan's mill is fully restored.





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